My Story - How A Church Pastor Became A Business Man?

For the first 10 years out of university I worked for various churches and Christian charities, including being a full time pastor of a church for 4 years, predominately made up of 18-35 year olds.

Whilst these ten years were fantastic both in terms of personal growth, job satisfaction and connecting with all kinds of people, being a Church Pastor had meant that I had become;

(1) Detached - I didn't understand the "real world" of work and therefore I couldn't relate to my congregations joys, pains, pressures or dreams. I was preaching into a world where I had no capital. I was detached.

(2) IrrelevantI never really thought through in detail how faith affected work and therefore wasn't able to help those in my congregation that were looking for advice in this area. I was preaching into a world where I had no knowledge. I was irrelevant.

(3) Short-sighted - My focus was more on "growing my church" rather than seeking the peace and prosperity of the city we were in. I was preaching a gospel that didn't apply to the world that most people inhabit everyday. I was short-sighted.

So after 10 years with one foot very firmly planted in the Christian Community I branched out and put one foot one foot firmly in the business community of Dublin. Dublin attracted me for number of reasons

There has been a seismic shift over the last 20 years in the cultural, political, religious and economic atmosphere of Dublin. There are many factors that have caused this; the crash of the Celtic tiger, immigration, the sex scandals within the Roman Catholic church, a loss of confidence in political leaders, increasing secularisation and so on and so forth. Dublin has changed dramatically, it has become more cosmopolitan, more secular and more liberal. However Dublin has also yet to confirm it's new cultural identity (which by definition is always changing anyway) and in turn, as our economy recovers and stabilises there is a new, and unique, opportunity, to create a work community which, instead of striving for monetary gain as the ultimate motivation, can strive instead to seek the peace and prosperity of Dublin, to seek the flourishing and well-being of all it's inhabitants. It is always the younger generation, the college students and recent graduates, who are the future cultural shapers and who are open to bringing transformation to previously held norms and standards.

That is what this website is all about and I would love for you to join me in making Dublin into the greatest city it can possibly be for all it's inhabitants!

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